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After extensive touring in the Southeastern United States, a 1995 European tour, and nearly a year's hiatus, sundays child has recorded their major-label debut, a follow-up to 1995's critically acclaimed, Just a whisper ... (produced by Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty), entitled, Now Then.

Now Then marks a major departure from most of what made the "sundays child" sound of the past several years - long, dark, stalking, and tribal music punctuated by guitar howls and impassioned vocal creschendos. The band has taken a dive into the deep end of modern pop music - with a ten-cut lineup of songs that rarely ever broach four minutes long. Musically inclined for fans of The Verve Pipe, Dishwalla, Oasis, and similar modern rock/pop, the sound is accented by the guitar prowess of accomplished producer J.C. Richardson (L.S.U., Fled Soundtrack, Exeter Flud, Stuck Mojo) - layers of sonic swirls and stabs at times reminiscent of the keyboard-ish stylings of My Bloody Valentine and The Choir, and at others anthemic voicings.

Now Then's lyrics take ten cuts to tell a modern prodigal story set in the mid-1970's, of Victor Silas - a man who leaves his life as he knows it to gamble and build a fortune in Las Vegas, only to have a Dickens-esque conversion from his lifestyle and turn his odyssey homeward to beg forgiveness and acceptance from the family he left behind.

Visit with the band as they interview for the Wide World of Dot newspaper.

Also of note - four sundays child rarities still available:

  • Live at the Strand featuring Age of Faith, Prayer Chain, Third Day, Squad Five-O, Mortal, Dear Ephesus, New Jerusalem, L.S.U., My Friend Stephanie and sundays child. Cut #4 on the CD features a song from the never-released sundays child live record from 1995, featuring Hurst Peacock on vocals and Scott Rhodes on bass. Released on June 21, 1997 on Bulletboy Music.
  • Think Tank CD sampler for gray dot, inc. featuring Loudflower, Squad Five-O, Third Day, Age of Faith, SpudGun, Breakfast with Amy, L.S. Underground, and sundays child. Cut #14 on the CD is a demo from sundays child of a song re-recorded on Now Then, "Red Flags." This CD was never sold, but several thousand copies have been and are being given away by gray dot. (gray dot, inc.)
  • The Immutable Record, Vol. 1 featuring Vigilantes of Love, Michael Been, others. Cut #1 features a cut never released elsewhere from 1995 studio sessions, "Solitaire," again featuring Hurst Peacock and Scott Rhodes. (Blind Records)
  • The Wide World of Dot CD Sampler, vol. 1, no. 2 - featuring Squad Five-O, Loudflower, Age of Faith, Prayer Chain, L.S.U., SpudGun, New Jerusalem, Dear Ephesus, Dear Ephesus, and sundays child. Cuts #7 and #8 feature two demo versions of songs later remixed and partially re-recorded for the Now Then release. This CD was never sold, but thousands of copies are being given away at Atlanta's CBA convention and Chicago's Cornerstone Festival this July.

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