Live at the Strand

It is over sixty years old, over three stories tall, and a half a city block wide. Its stage has been the home of vaudeville acts, cinema's golden age, big bands, Astaire and Rogers, the civil rights debates of the sixties, Walt Disney Productions premieres, 1980's sensations such as Cheap Trick and R.E.M., and many many others. And, in 1994, the owners of Bulletboy Records began bringing Christian alternative and rock bands to play several nights a week at the landmark Strand Theatre just north of Atlanta, Ga.

Using the 32-track studio they installed in the 2,000-seat venue, the label tracked many of the bands that performed at the venue, obtaining permission and released rights to selected songs.

Contained on this release are first-ever live songs from Christian rock's best bands, caught at the height of their best performances, since 1994. These cuts include the first new release from Third Day since their debut. Sure to be a huge hit with Third Day fans waiting for the band's follow-up release.

From never-before-heard songs to extraordinary readings of their biggest hits, each cut showcases the best of the best from proven rock sellers and an adventurous new generation of Christian bands.

RASwell (live)

RAButter Never Bleeds (live)

RAFlavor of the Month (live)

RAThe Kids Today N.R.A. (live)

RAThe Way (live)

RARocket and a Bomb (Remix)



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