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Gray Dot Incorporated is redefining how a record company conducts business with its artists, customers and media. We're small enough to know on a first-name basis but big enough to produce a quality product. We are doggedly devoted to our relatively small roster of artists, promoting and supporting each release as if it were our only one. We continue to sign artists who are dedicated to their craft and who seek to use music for its positive qualities. We appreciate artists who appreciate their audience.

Encompassing gray dot records and Bulletboy Music, Gray Dot Inc. has expanded to reach more of the market. gray dot will look to produce records that will appeal to both Christian and mainstream while Bulletboy will market exclusively Christian bands. Read more in our updated history.

We are located in Smyrna, Georgia USA and would like to hear from you. Marty Bush is our president and David Vanderpoel is vice-president of A&R. Our address is:

Gray Dot Records
1080 Creatwood Circle
Smyrna, GA 30080

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