Welcome to gray dot,inc. - a different kind of record label.

For those of you who want to know, these pages are built on the Macintosh and served on an Apache server located at Interliant in Atlanta, Ga. At first the pages were built in Simpletext because of its Drag and Drop capabilities. We do some with BBEdit Lite, a freeware version of BBEdit, a powerful text editor with GREP capabilities. We flirted with Claris Home Page, which is now an unsupported product.

When we first designed these pages last year, we went for the new Netscape extensions to HTML. Now that most browsers support them, including the latest version of America Online (upgrade ASAP to 3.0 because you should be happier), we feel more comfortable with tables showing up in browsers though our client-side maps usually have text maps for the non-visual browsers, e.g: Lynx. This time we went for speed, since most of us hate the long download times for useless graphics. You should be able to get the same content if you turn off "Load Images" in your preferences setting. We aim to keep the irritating splashy GIF animation logos to this page.


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