Bulletboy's highly successful modern rock band Dear Ephesus, has spun off a new side project featuring band members Brett Levenson and Lou Difabrizo. While Dear Ephesus, has pushed their sound into the more modern, sometimes quirky new rock, Tenderfoot hearkens back to early Ephesus with raw, high-energy, lo-fi rock.

Levenson explains: "With Ephesus, there's a lot of studio tinkering that goes on -- the equivalent of special effects in a movie -- and it always sounds great, but with the Tenderfoot project, we really just relied on our own energy. A lot of this was practically recorded live, and many times we chose to overlook some minor mistake for the sake of saving the emotion of the track."

Fans of Dear Ephesus, and of other emo-rock bands will certainly find plenty to love in Tenderfoot's first release, The Devil and Rock and Roll, but so will more garage and punk fans as well, as the band stomps their way through the release's nine tracks.

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