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Signed to gray dot records in March of 1995, gray dot's first band, Third Day, released their eponymous debut in June of the same year. Prior to the record's explosion onto the CCM scene, rumors of something big from the band had already been circulating and several major labels had offered to buy and release the record before it had even hit the shelves.

Third Day was a hit, and landed the band in opening slots for The Prayer Chain, The Waiting, and Code of Ethics. The band played at AtlantaFest, Cornerstone, House of Blues, and Flevo Totaal Festival in Holland, as well as touring there and in Germany.

The critics raved, with reviews in CCM, Billboard, hm, 7-ball, Syndicate, True Tunes News, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, and others. The soulful singing and uncompromisingly honest yet positive song writing of Mac Powell had hit a vein in today's youth culture.

By 1996, the band was on the road full-time and the record manufacturers were barely able to keep pace with the demand. Arista's Reunion Records and gray dot reached an agreement involving the direct signing of Third Day to Reunion, who immediately re-released the debut.

The new version contains photos of the band by Ben Pearson, a re-tracked version of "Mama," remixes of the entire gray dot song list, and two new cuts, "Don't Say Nothin' at All," and "Praise Song."

If you're able to find a gray dot version of the release, hang on to it, as it has not been sold to stores since December 31, 1995, and with different mixes, is destined to be a collector's piece.

gray dot congratulates its baby band and encourages you to visit Third Day in concert as they prepare to tour in support of their sophomore release as well as check out the other new talent gray dot is developing.

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