One of 1998's most exciting new bands is back with the follow-up to their amazing eponymous debut release, which yielded three hit singles. Once again produced by Roscoe Meek (DC Talk, Geoff Moore, Zilch), Speck's new release, gogglebox, finds the band zeroing in on the pop sounds that they had begun to explore on their previous release. In the vein of their runaway single, "Brilliant," gogglebox delivers pop hook after pop hook relentlessly. An ideal release for fans of ear candy hit radio, and mainstream consumers fond of Matchbox 20, Marvelous Three, and Goo Goo Dolls.

While maintaining their intense ministry to American Indian Reservations (three of the four members are Native American), Speck has committed to a rigorous 150-date tour schedule for the coming year in support of this high-watermark release.

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