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Watch It Burn


mommy's having an abortion, daddy's taking out the trash, the kids eat canned peas every night, a product of the lower class, mommy's lost her job 'cause she's been out way too long, daddy gets another job so they can keep on singing the same old song ... the rich man doesn't go to work, he stays at home all day, the maid brings him cups of coffee but there's no reason to stay awake, money buys you everything but it won't buy you your soul, when you have all your riches where is there left for you to go? so DREAM ALL YOU WANT, BUT THIS IS ALL YOU GET, QUIT WASTING YOUR TIME, FORGET ABOUT IT, IT'S THE SAME OLD SITUATION NO MATTER WHERE YOU TURN, IT'S THE AMERICAN DREAM - HA!, WATCH IT BURN! theories of world happiness is what the american dream insists, take a look around you, obviously this doesn't exist ... the family pet has been run over by a car, the housewife has burned the bread, big brother will never be a rock and roll star, the american dream is DEAD!



well i can be a thorn in your side, but i can't stop your master plan, but i won't contribute to your madness, right here i'll make a stand, no i won't answer to you, god is the only one i'll answer to, you're ignorantly planning your own demise ... i won't be burdened by your laws, your system so full of flaws, i'm up here, you're down there, you can't reach up and make me fall, god is perfect, you're full of mistakes, my life is not the one at stake, no i won't answer to you buy YOU WILL answer to god, you're tied down by your ignorance, chained, locked up, and bound, i'm free, you're a slave and in your cell you're stuck, so go ahead and run your system right into the ground, i'll stand aside and watch it self-destruct, i won't let you decide for me, it's my choice, i choose to be free, set apart for the world to see, for i never bend my knee, you don't have power over me 'cause through god i've been made free, you are blind 'cause you refuse to see ... you believed the lies from the master of disguise, and now you're ignorantly planning your own demise, power in this world is no power at all, i'll stand aside and watch your system fall ...

Surpassing Time

time goes by, memories fade away, i was lost with no hope of a better day, that day came and went though it's not totally gone, i've still got a photograph and i've still got this song, to remind me of you and the time we've spent, i can't relive but i can't forget, the letters in the mailbox are my dreams i send to you, your voice on the phone shows me the day isn't through, when the morning comes, we're on our way, but now i'm waiting here with nothing left to say ... THE NUMBERS ON THE CLOCK CONSTANTLY CHANGE BUT I WON'T FORGET, THE SHORT PEACEFUL DAYS, THE LITTLE TIME WE'VE SPENT, I WON'T BE SADDENED BY THE LOST TIME, I'LL LOOK AHEAD IN MY MIND, AND I'LL WAIT 'CAUSE FATE HASN'T LEFT US BEHIND ... day and night won't mean a thing, when our time has come, forever we'll sing, in a world of darkness we're held together by the light, when our time comes, we won't be blinded by the night, and we'll watch the sun rise ...


i don't know what i'm going to do, i'm feeling beaten black and blue, i'm so confused, is this really my life?, society is holding my throat with a knife, play it their way or don't play at all, live your life inside a brick wall, there's no way out, this is what i dread, but i refuse to give up, i'd rather die instead, BROKEN BY THE SYSTEM - my head is full of all their lies, BROKEN BY THE SYSTEM - they refuse to hear the people's cries, BROKEN BY THE SYSTEM - ignorance and greed is the only reason why, i'm BROKEN BY THE SYSTEM - but i won't give in until i die!, my future you can't decide, it's my future, my genocide, it's up to me, what am i going to do? i'm not going to live my life for you! the system-rich people with laws in their hands, they think it's theirs, this forsaken land, the ground i walk on doesn't belong to them, i refuse to join your cycle, i'm not part of the system! i used to be at the top, now i'm at the bottom of the chain, i'm drowning in this world, my lungs begin to strain, what about my dreams? i never had any, now i'm at the end, i lived my life but it wasn't mine, it belonged to the system ...



ADOLESCENT CONFUSION IS RIGHT ON TIME, YOU'VE FOUND YOUR LIFE NOW WHERE IS MINE?, IS THERE REALLY A FISH IN THE SEA WAITING FOR ME, OR AM I DREAMING?, i'm predestined to be questioned but i won't give my confession, my affection, this injection, i'm struggling to find direction ... my clothes stick to my body from days of being worn, my jeans remind me of my thoughts, ripped patched up torn, not that i'm complaining, i'm just thinking, i'm just dreaming, recreating the scenes of my endless frustrated screaming, i know i'm not the only one to wonder where i stand underneath the sun, i know one day i'll have my day, then i'll wake up and throw it away, my life is lived each day, it's going by fast, whenever a question is asked i answer last, when i lose my keys will i have an extra set?, my boredom is my saturday night date, my lonesome arrives, it's never late, my interesting life i'm left to create, leaving out the details of my inescapable fate


i cut my hair and dyed it blue, spiked it up with hairspray and glue, i'm wearing the same clothes i wore yesterday, there's going to be a riot at school today, i'm sitting in 2nd period writing this song, the teacher doesn't know what's going on, the kids aren't concentrating on geometry, they're too busy staring at me, they've stereotyped me and now they say that i'm fat, skinny, ugly, and gay, but i'm still going to be how i want anyway, even though there was a riot at school today, every week someone new wants to beat me up, i tell them i don't fight but they still act tough, the kids at my school are always on my case, but i don't care 'cause school sucks anyways! THE KIDS ARE GOING TO RIOT! because of what i wear, THE KIDS ARE GOING TO RIOT! but i don't care, THE KIDS ARE GOING TO RIOT! and act like fools, THERE'S GOING TO BE RIOT AT MY SCHOOL!, it's pretty much the same every day, i guess that just the price to pay, for me being how i want to be and not letting others influence me, i get laughed at 'cause of my chains, the kids at my school are such a pain, laugh at me 'cause of what i wear, but the truth is they really don't care, they just want to look cool in front of their friends, it's only cool to follow the trends, hey i don't care, i'll smile while they laugh, get in my way, i'll walk another path, while they have their fun, the principal won't say a thing, they won't even get the slightest bit of disciplining, the teachers all think i'm just a weird little kid, my parents beat me up, must be why i dressed like i did ...


you want everyone to hear as you preach your ideologies, well i won't give in and you won't hear my apologies, maybe i'm young, i'm only 16, but i'm old enough to know, that i don't want to be a contestant in your corrupt game show, i hate this world, just look what it's done to me, just look at america, you call yourself free?, we're being manipulated, we're taught how to give in, don't worry, everything's ok as long as you've got money to spend ... THEY SAY YOU HAVE TO VOTE TO BE A CITIZEN, WELL I DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT WHO WINS THE ELECTION, THE POLITICIANS DON'T CARE ABOUT ME 'CAUSE I'M NOT LOADED WITH MONEY, I DON'T CARE, I REFUSE TO LET MY POCKETS BE FILLED WITH GREED, money is power, earn power by the hour, oh no, what's going wrong, the relationship's gone sour, someone else came along with more power than you, force fed greed, but not enough, now what are you going to do?


 the time has come, this world is done, through the years of fighting, now god has won, the fires have spread, this world is now dead, hell on earth has been released, the city streets run red, now there's time for regret, 'cause time is no virtue, you should have paid attention to what we told you, seeking pleasures in this world, well with this world you've been deceived, you wish you want but you can't have nothing but the hell you've received, WE TOLD YOU, WE NAILED IN YOUR HEAD BUT YOU REFUSED TO LISTEN TO WHAT WE SAID, "CONFORMITY IS NOT FOR ME, I'VE GOT MY INDIVIDUALITY," WE SUFFERED FOR YOU, NOW WE SUFFER NO MORE, GOD HAS TAKEN WHAT'S HIS AND CLOSED THE DOOR, ON YOU JUST LIKE YOU DID TO HIM, YOU REALIZE NOW BUT IT'S TOO LATE, YOU'RE BURNING ALONGSIDE YOUR SIN ... and so the lord comes, like a thief in the night, the night is dark, he provides the light, but for you it's dark, blackened and condemned, damnation and condemnation for those full of sin, alpha and omega, the first and the last, the lord's time has come and for you it's come too fast ... you were unprepared though we tried to prepare you, we won't look back, you can't look up, there's nothing you can do


i won't look back on my past but i don't want to look ahead, there's too much disillusion, confusion from days long dead, there's arrows spinning in all directions, which one am i to take? of all the cracks in the road, which one did i break? my dad tells me to get a job or do better in school, both of which seem impossible, am i just a teenage fool? i don't want a future that can be written and planned out i don't want to go to school to learn what life's about I'VE GOT NO DIRECTION, NO PATH TO WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE, I'VE GOT NO DIRECTION AND IF YOU ASKED I'D SAY THAT IT'S FINE, my thoughts wander as i wonder who i am and what i'll be, tell me i'm sinking as i'm thinking i don't want to be like you, tell me i'm wrong as i'm writing this song that will never be through, am i making wrong decisions because i'm deciding for me? am i doing wrong by choosing my own priorities? i've heard it all before, and i know i'll hear it again, but i'll be singing this song until the very end ... if my life was a car i'd be driving too fast, in a race of the times and i'd still finish last, the sign would say stop but i'd disregard it again, then i'd break down and lose the race no one can win, 'cause the road stops short, everyone falls off and dies, but i'm still broken down watching from the roadside, the guns go off, the race is started once again, but i turn around and go back winning the race no one can win, I'VE GOT NO DIRECTION, THERE'S NO PATTERN TO MY DAY, I'VE GOT NO DIRECTION, WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm right, but i'm not concerned with finding out, i have all that i need so don't tell me that i'm without, i'll survive without living your lie, achieving what you've achieved, and i'll still be as i am now, believing what i believe, i won't look back on my past but i don't want to look ahead, there's too much disillusion, confusion from days long dead, there's arrows spinning in all directions, which one am i to take? of all the cracks in the road, which one did i break?


we've got a show tonight with squad five-o, maybe if we're lucky more than ten people will go, nobody really likes us but we don't really care, we're just doing it for the fun, not to get somewhere, oh boy, i'm so excited, we're finally going to get paid, the total of our profits is about a dollar sixty-eight, that will buy a cup of coffee at the waffle house, we'll stay there all night until they kick us out, we're SPUDGUN! we'll pay you to come see us play, we're SPUDGUN! maybe if we're lucky we'll have some fans one day, we're SPUDGUN! here's a flyer, go to the show, we're SPUDGUN! we're wasting our flyers, we know you won't go, sorry while we were playing i didn't mean to spit on you, i fell down a couple of times, yeah i've got a bruise or two, lots of broken guitar strings and drum sticks in the air, we didn't really play that well, oh well, who really cares ... i don't, it doesn't really matter if i forgot a few lyrics, the club said we were being too rough, well i don't want to hear it, john (our old bass player) quit playing to break up a fight, during "something to say" (an old song), but it's time to forget about our show, time for squad five-o to play



the devil's face on the hundred dollar bill, politicians working for their one night thrills, a waiter to be promoted to manager, success is finally here, people running blindly finding greed and finding fear, X-RATED, DRUG INDUCED, OUR BRAINS ARE IN OUR WALLETS, 1-900 SEXY GIRLS, WASTE YOUR TIME AND CALL IT, WE'RE RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES FINDING OUR SELF-DESTRUCTION, OUR ROBOTIC BRAINWASHED MINDS, OUR CORRUPTION IS OUR MALFUNCTION, it's dark outside in the middle of the day, searching for our future but time gets in the way, the center of our lives is our life-long career, a prolonged movie scene is all that's left out here, when we are concerned where do we turn, to the t.v., our favorite shows erase our memories of the problems that we see, we're not growing, we are slowing down, creativity is a lie, what will we do when we forget how to live our lives? we're brainless and aimless, apathetic and shameless, we can't repair the damage 'cause the whole world is blameless, we're all playing this game, no victory for the lame, but it doesn't really matter, 'cause we lose all the same, the end of the century, there's no one around, our dying society - growing up, slowing down ...


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