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Following on the heels of their #1 smash hit, "The Love of Jesus," gray dot records' Age of Faith will soon be releasing their new radio / video single, "Walk in My Shoes."

The band shot the video for their fourth single off their Embrace release last month on location in Rome, Georgia, with an all-star crew that included Turner Features' Kenneth Horstman directing and Brad Bradley producing. Bradley, most known for directing The Waiting's "Staring at a Bird" video, has also worked with such acts as Sting, U2, and Newsboys.

"The thing that attracted me to this project," stated Horstman, "was the label and band's vision for the video. They really wanted to make a mini-movie first that also happened to work as a music video ... They kept using words like, 'cinematic,' 'sweeping,' and 'lush.' It's not often a project like that comes along, and I wanted to be involved," he said.

Lead vocalist, Jimi Ray continued, "I really had this town described by Shirley Jackson in 'The Lottery' in mind when I wrote the song - a quaint place with dark secrets, which is kind of a personification of what the song is about on an individual level. Rome was the perfect spot and Brad [Bradley] really understood the look we wanted, the para-realism of this story -- he really got into the substance and the subtleties of the project and his work takes it to a level where it has a lot to offer repeat viewers."

"Walk in My Shoes" will be making a nationwide video and radio premiere on several networks and independent shows near the end of May, complete with two weeks of pre-release promotion in the way of print ads and produced radio and video spots. Age of Faith will also be holding a special video release party on May 24 in Atlanta where they will be performing live with My Friend Stephanie and both bands will be tracking for a live recording.

Video outlets interested in previewing this can visit here.

May 6, 1997


The new Third Day live medley (the first new Third Day material in over a year) was also sent to radio this week. Although it will not be available in stores until the end of June, you may want to call your local station to get a listen. The medley, "Turn Your Eyes on Jesus/Can't Help Falling in Love with You/With or Without You," will be part of a compilation entitled, Live at The Strand, also featuring the Prayer Chain, LSU, My Friend Stephanie, Age of Faith and many other surprises. Distributed through Diamante Music Group

April 28, 1997


Bulletboy announces the signing of central Florida's emo-rock band, Dear Ephesus. Singles will be going to radio in late June, with a late August release scheduled. To be distributed through Diamante Music Group.

April 28, 1997


   gray dot, inc., the parent company of gray dot records, the label that launched Christian hit bands Third Day, Age of Faith, and mainstream act Urban Shakedancers, has announced the formation of a second label, Bulletboy Music.

   Bulletboy differs from sister label gray dot in both its approach and its roster. "Whereas the purpose of gray dot has a lot to do with taking Christian and mainstream bands and cross-marketing them where we feel appropriate, Bulletboy is distinctly about taking Christian artists who are happy to play to the Christian market, and marketing them as such," said David Vanderpoel. gray dot's CEO, Marty Bush, added, "gray dot records has been largely about hits at this point -- with the successes of Third Day and Age of Faith, as well as the enormous hit potential of Loudflower. Bulletboy is about more aggressive, more risky music -- about looking down the road a few miles into the future of rock."

   Bulletboy is distributed through Diamante Music Group and is the new label home for former gray dot releases by Breakfast with Amy and L.S. Underground. Bulletboy has also signed ska-core sensation Squad Five-O from Savannah, Ga. and old-school punk act SpudGun from Atlanta.

   Bulletboy will be releasing an average of ten records per year (roughly twice that of gray dot records), and will be showcasing its roster at the CBA and GMA conventions and several upcoming music festivals, including the Gas Stop Tour , Cornerstone, and TOM.

   Bulletboy's name derived from a contest announced one month ago to rock radio DJ's and their audiences. Response to the "Name That Label" contest was overwhelming with hundreds of entries considered. Mark Kessler from KEFX submitted the winning name, and will receive a free show by new Bulletboy bands Squad Five-O and SpudGun to promote his show, The Effect on KEFX. Additionally, WSKV will receive a voluminous giveaway package for their logo suggestion for a similarly named submission which was incorporated into the Bulletboy logo. gray dot, inc. wishes to extend thanks to all of the contest's participants.

   "What we really liked about the name," stated Bush, "is the reference to putting on the full armor of God that Paul spoke about in Eph. 6:11."

March 18 1997


   Newly-formed subsidiary of gray dot, inc., Bulletboy Music has signed recording contracts with two Georgia bands, Squad Five-O and SpudGun. Both bands are currently in studio recording their maiden releases, due out on Bulletboy through Diamante Music Group distribution in mid-May 1997.

   Marty Bush, gray dot, inc.'s CEO stated, "We've watched both of these bands come up through the club that we operate in town, and like we saw with Third Day, the bands have won every person that they play for. Their live numbers are growing at exponential rates." David Vanderpoel, VP of A&R added, "The thing about both of these bands is that while they are both cutting-edge, neither are trendy. SpudGun's brand of punk has its roots in the very first British punk invasion, and Squad Five-O as a hornless ska band will not be found washed up in three years if horns fall out of vogue - Squad Five-O rocks as hard as Bleach-era Nirvana did, as well as skanking."

   SpudGun's eponymous debut and Squad Five-O's What I Believe both ship on May 12, with videos following shortly thereafter.

March 18 1997


   New Christian rock label, Bulletboy Music has inked a long-term exclusive distribution agreement with Diamante Music Group effective immediately, and inclusive of new Bulletboy artists Squad Five-O and SpudGun as well as former gray dot records back catalog items, L.S. Underground's Bring It Down Now and Breakfast with Amy's Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt.

   "We believe Diamante not only understands this segment of the market better than anyone else, but also has a heart for the spirit of the indie record label. As a Christian distributor, there is none more adaptable, more quick in action, or more hip than Diamante, " stated Bulletboy's Marty Bush.

   Sales for next cycle have begun on all four projects, and product is currently being transferred into Diamante's system.

March 18 1997


   gray dot, inc., the parent company of gray dot records and Bulletboy Music has announced two newly-created positions, in Rock Radio Support / Merchandising and Rock Tour Support / Booking, and is seeking applicants. Interested parties may contact Marty Bush or David Vanderpoel at gray dot, inc. - 770.384.0001.

March 18 1997


A/C   Age of Faith   "The Love of Jesus"   NEW   Available on full-length

CHR   Age of Faith   "Something so Strong"   NEW   Available on full-length

CHR   Age of Faith   "The Love of Jesus"   RECURRENT   Available on full length

ROCK   Age of Faith   "Something so Strong"   NEW   Available on full-length

ROCK   Loudflower   "Disaffected"   NEW   Available on CD single

March 15 1997




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