What does a band made up of two Swedes, an American, and a Dutch girl do for a follow-up when their major-label debut was produced by the same guy who produced the number-one mainstream pop hit in the states, and generated coverage in CCM Magazine, 7ball, Release, and a hit single? Why, head for an island in the Baltic and produce their next release themselves, right?

Well, it's fair to say that The Miscellaneous threw out the book long ago, with their geographically challenged ensemble's inception, and the results couldn't sound better. The band's sophomore release refines their winning pop hooks and infectious rock hooks while propelling the band well beyond their previous efforts with the strong influence of European electronica. The Miscellaneous exemplify the value that gray dot places on the individual artist's vision, and the rewards from such trust. Moth and Rust is more than one of the best releases from gray dot, it is without hyperbole, one of Christian rock's strongest efforts of the year.

Their recently updated official web pages are up.

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