Rock and Roll's roots really are in the live show. Maybe that's why touring has such a powerful effect on pop rock sales. And the best concerts are the ones that turn psychology majors into uninhibited shower vocalists and cause computer programmers to wonder how much an electric guitar would set them back. A band that can deliver live is only a record away from being the best thing a listener's ever heard.

My Friend Stephanie may be the best live band on gray dot's roster.

And while they've achieved hit songs under a variety of producers, studios, and record labels, they never have quite captured that live sound on record -- until now. Moving to Audio Art Studios, the home of the most recent two Third Day releases, the band has found the match they were looking for, and nailed their live power down to tape. And with their perpetually hefty tour schedule (over 150 dates per year,) My Friend Stephanie is set to become the "Cinderella Story" band whose four years of experience has brought them to a landmark pop release.

Check out the band's "official" web site, too.


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RAWhat's Goin' On


RAIf You Want It

RABelieve In You


RAYet To Come

RAAre You There

RATake Me In

RAOne of Those Days


RASo Happy


RARelease Me

RAIntro. Mon and Dad

RAWhat Do You Want

RALullabye 99



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