With a video clip of the band discussing their reunion from the studio where they were creating their new eponymous masterwork, Bulletboy Music announced the signing of Christian alternative music's patron protagonists.

While the rock market was still awash in early nineties grunge leftovers, Luxury was busy making two amazingly beautiful records for Tooth and Nail Records, flying under the radar of way too many people. And then, nearly two years to the day from when they were signed, the men in Luxury found themselves either pinned down by or thrown from vehicles along an Illinois highway in a catastrophic accident that would forever change their lives. By all appearances, the band was over. With their contract up and the members recuperating, Luxury could have easily become a CCM footnote.

But fellow musicians Prayer Chain, Starflyer 59, and Joy Electric picked up their torch, talking about the band from the stage, wearing their shirts, giving them credit in interviews, and covering their music. And soon, quite a few more than had caught on initially were into the band their bands were into, and Luxury had just about finished healing.

Bulletboy Music is honored to release Luxury's return to music, with their defining new album, Luxury. Luxury's music gets inside of you, at once personal and universal, reverently human. Old fans, new converts, critics and d.j.'s have been breathing a sigh of relief for the second life of this incredible band. Expect a strong consumer response to this release, and be sure to explore their art for yourself -- you'll be glad you did.


"One of the most interesting bands of our time." - 7ball magazine

"Absolutely gorgeous music. Luxury is one of those bands for your desert island selection." - VOG

"The most powerful to date." -- TrueTunes magazine

"Sometimes taking a break for a while is a very good thing. "-- Phantom Tollbooth


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