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About Bring It Down Now:

Life is like that. There are legends and then there are Legends. And Mike Knott is one of the few in the CCM industry who's career's work has spanned the borders of alternative music, the California scene, and most recently the mainstream market to influence numerous musicians. Through his ventures into label ownership, his distinctively spontaneous theatrical live shows, and his band L.S.U., Knott has made legend. In their final release, Mike Knott and Co. wrap up a decade of L.S.U. with reaffirmations of their foundational faith while living up to their reputation of challenging the church with the uncomfortable truths of human existence.

Gray Dot's 1996 release from L.S.U. is the definitive look at the band behind the man (behind the legend). L.S.U.'s classic material is held up next to five new cuts and six first-ever live songs, accentuating the traits that make L.S.U. the pioneers of the last ten years, and keep them at the forefront of modern Christian rock today.

A full 74 minutes in length, the CD features the latest new work from L.S.U., produced by Gene Eugene, first-ever live cuts, produced by Michael Hawkins and J.C. Richardson, and a best-of selection spanning the band's fifteen-year history.

Bring it Down Now is unique in its ability to reference the listener to all of the band's work while presenting a current and thematic project as a whole. All songs segue together, emphasizing Knott's consistent genius song writing wholistically. In 1986, Sacramento California experienced a revival that impacted Contemporary Christian Music permanently. An explosion of churches that focused on youth yielded the founding fathers of Alternative CCM - the bands that paved the way for today's Plankeye, Prayer Chain, and others - bands like The Choir, The Altar Boys, Adam Again, and of course the most groundbreaking of them all, Lifesavers Underground.

Now, for the first time ever, the entire span of L.S. Underground's career is offered up at once to a buying public who only knows of Knott & Co. through their Elektra Records incarnation, Aunt Bettys (formerly Aunt Betty's Ford, a name nixed when Ford Motor Co. threatened to sue.) For the uninitiated, meet L.S. Underground, featuring Mike Knott, Brian Doidge, Chuck Cummings, and Andrew Carter, as well as members of Arista's Prayer Chain, Domo's The Violet Burning, and Tattoo's The Choir. For the well-versed, enjoy the masterpiece swan song from the ever-volatile L.S. Underground.



TREFF magazine:

(5 smileys out of 7)

"Mike Knott, mannen som er L.S. Underground er uhyre kreativ. Essensen av hans psykomusikalske univers kommer svaert godt til uttrykk pa denne skiva med gamle later fra 87 til helt nytt materiale.Latene til Knott er fulle av forstyrrende gnagerstoy fra lett forvrengte gitarer pa stodig pulserende og slagkraftig fundament. Og midt i manesjen en virvlende og hypnotisk Mike Knott med energiske stemmemanovre pa de fleste latene. Tilsammen en malstrom av en noe underlig, men svaert sa rocka musikk det er lett a al seg rive med av.Det er mye rart a finne pa denne CDen, men alt sammen henger godt sammen pa sitt eget litt merkelige vis.

Migisk, mystisk, metig og manipulerende med en klar egenidentitet. Slik velger jeg a oppsummere L.S. Underground og gidder ikke engang tenke pa a sammenligne geniet Knott med andre. Denne mannen er noe for seg sjol Kanskje an smule saer? Uansett, han er i alle fall stadig velkommen hjemme hos meg!

Anders Joh. Blisten"


Mike Knott, the man who is LSU is extremely creative. The essence of his psychomusical universe is very well expressed on this album with some old material from '87 to entirely new material. Knott's songs are full of disturbing gnawing noise from distorted guitars on a steady and pulsating base of striking power. And a whirling and hypnotic Mike Knott in the center of the circus ring sings with massive energy on most of the songs. A maelstrom of a bit peculiar, yet very groovy music it's easy to be carried away by. There's a lot a funny stuff on this CD, but everything are linked together in its own strange way.

Magic, mystic, mighty and manipulating with a distinct identity: these words sums up what LSU is about and I don't bother to compare the genius of Knott with others. This man is something of his own - maybe a little odd? Anyway, I welcome his music at my place - any time!

Anders Joh. Blisten

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