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Everybody's got a secret. And unless you're running for president or dating a member of The Jacksons, you'll probably get to keep yours. Atlanta, Georgia has a secret too, and gray dot records is about to spill the proverbial beans ... the secret is a six-piece ensemble known as Loudflower.

gray dot records announced the signing of Loudflower on November 19, 1996 after what the label described as, "Two years of watching Loudflower develop into a phenomenal band, and tremendous response to the two radio-ready cuts released on the summer 1996 sampler, ... same three chords, which were added to over eighty CHR, college, and alternative stations."

Loudflower features the songwriting of bassist and lead vocalist Rob Groover, backed by the textured riffing by guitarist Wally Gates and the percussive jabs of drummer Mason Brazelle. The highlight of Loudflower's sound though is the three-piece horn section of Loren Haefer, Derrick Lee, and Dan McGraw, as they punctuate the melody with punchy bursts usually reserved for a lead guitarist. The aggressive rock sound parried with the horns led The Atlanta Journal Constitution to rave, "Loudflower is music like you've never heard, best described as The Clash meets Earth, Wind and Fire."

While Loudflower's hook-laden melodies and crunchy guitar/horn volleys have won the ears of concert-goers and primed them for the band's debut release, Happy Now?, it would be travesty to overlook Groover's impressive lyricism, similar in flavor to the wry takes and unusual subject matter of Steve Taylor and Tonio K. 7-ball magazine referred to the writing in their review of Happy Now? as, "... the world-weary cynicism of a Bob Dylan with the caustic wit and cautious optimism of a Steve Taylor. Groover tackles heady subjects without denigrating into rock star self-absorption. The horns on Happy Now? trail singer Rob Groover around like a sad sack Salvation Army band ..." But for all of Loudflower's critical and spiritual introspections, the music is nothing if not fun.

Playing regionally for three years now, Loudflower has spiraled its audience slowly into a devoted following that includes not only the modern rock consumers, but also those shamelessly hard-to-impress DJ's, Music Directors, and journalists in the Atlanta area. Two of the heaviest-hitting radio stations in the U.S. - WNNX (99X) and WKLS (96 Rock) are ardent supporters of the band, having featured them on indie compilation discs and at several of Atlanta's major events including the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, MidTown Music Festival, and First Night New Year's Celebration. WNNX recently debuted the new Christmas single from Loudflower, "Christmas Killed Us," with a major promotion featuring an interview with the band, a live remote, and a giveaway of the maxi-singles. WNNX DJ Steve Craig dubbed the band, "The best band to come from Atlanta, bar none."

Having opened for bands such as The Smithereens, Third Day, Donkey, The Ramones, Cheap Trick, Age of Faith, Tripping Daisy, Blind Melon, Hootie and the Blowfish, Dance Hall Crashers, Cracker, Veruca Salt, Squirrel Nut Zippers, James Hall, Our Lady Peace, The Drag, and more, Loudflower is set to support the new release with extensive shows. One critic recently put it succinctly: "Consistently, Loudflower has been the best live band on the planet."


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