The Fraidy Cats

Meet Fraidy Cats. Not just your average punk band ... The Fraidy Cats enter their fourth year as a punk band with style! With their influences varying from hip-hop to country, from oi! to swing, Fraidy Cats describe their music as "twangy punk," and it fits. Members Billy Grimm, Fluffy the Cat, Animal, and Tim still pepper their conversations of skating and punk rock with references to "gee-tars."

Quick to dispel the notion that they came from "out of nowhere," Fraidy Cats cite their win at the 1997 vision festival battle of the bands, where they competed against indie acts from across the northwest U.S., and their years of touring, including stints with Five Iron Frenzy, Squad Five-O, Starflyer 59, Morella's Forest, and Scaterd Few.

Most importantly, however, Fraidy Cats are first and foremost a ministry band, using their stage, their album notes, and their merchandise as a forum for evangelism. Fraidy Cats further the work of Bulletboy bands Squad Five-O, Blah, World Against World, Johnny Respect, and Black Cherry Soda in offering a continuing series of punk rock releases that kids relate to and love, and parents can trust to edify the listener by directing them to scriptural truth.

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