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The fertile musical ground of Atlanta has yeilded another powerful addition to Bulletboy's expansively modern roster in the band Exter Flud. Drawing musical cues from the violet burning, Luxury, and the choir, Exeter Flud has actually been performing their dramatic emo rock since the mid-nineties, before the genre had been given a name. Their passionately reverent performances and lushly layered demo recordings have won them accolades as an indie band: their independent release, Disconnected, garnered 1997's #1 position on WITR's demos and indie bands chart, they received stellar reviews in HM, 7-ball, noiz, and The Lighthouse, and they headlined the Southeast's EdgeFest '97 as well.

The band has returned to the studio, again with producer Michael Hawkins and a refined sense of "less-is-more" songwriting. While not sacrificing any of the gut-level passion and honesty of their hit indie work, the band's focus is clearly now on capturing their ideas within the confines of shorter, radio-ready songs, yielding a collection of nine explosive songs of lament and praise that appeal not only to fans of the violet burning and At the Foot of the Cross, but also to newer emo-rock fans of Dear Ephesus and Roadside Monument.

Formerly known as Remnant, was emo when emo wasn't cool. The band hails from Atlanta and speaks with reverence about such influential shows from the early nineties as The Violet Burning, The Choir, Mortal, Smashing Pumpkins, and the early era of sundays child. And what Exeter Flud has always done themselves live is open up and pour out confessional song after confessional song. It is dramatic at the least, and often very spiritually powerful.

The band formed when its members were in high school, and spent years playing clubs, where they left their audiences slack-jawed at the explosion of noise on stage. Eventually finding their own Southeastern niche, the band spent a few years opening up for their heroes as other Christian artists came through town. Along the way, they recorded the usual few demo tapes and a 7" single.

At the end of high school, the band split as members opted for different careers, and eventually formed two separate bands, Exeter Flud and Vivian. However, over the last two years as Dave Ott has fine tuned the art of minimalist songwriting, he has also managed to attract his original bandmates back one at a time, so that today's incarnation of Exeter Flud is the lineup before the split.

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