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Bulletboy Music's most aggressive and critically acclaimed rock band has once again defied conventional labels with their newest creation of diverse rock. Dear Ephesus,' newest release is a hybrid of post-punk, post-hardcore, and emo rock rife with melody and lushly augmented by live string sections, full backing vocals, and the most modern in sampled effects. Exceeding critical expectations, The Absent Sounds of Me has raised the bar for modern Christian rock records, drawing rave reviews from the band's peers as well as the interest of mainstream labels.

Dear Ephesus, remains committed to its audience first and foremost though, and has recorded their most sincere and honest work to date, with songs like "On West B," and "The Absent Sounds of Me," showing their genuine love for their audience by their transparency, and the reworked hymn, "Just As I Am," and the praise song, "The Morning Sings," showing the band's sincere love for the Lord.

No longer reserved for musicians and critics, The Absent Sounds of Me finds Dear Ephesus, making music ready for a wider, modern pop audience in a musical leap at once more accessible and more groundbreaking. One of 1998's best.

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RALooked For in the First Place

RAOn West B

RASimpleton Walks

RABig Brother

RABlue Day

RAPinning Dreams

RAOcean Deep


RAAnd Nobody Thinks

RAThe Absent Sounds of Me

RAThe Morning Sings

RAJust As I Am (Hidden Track)



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