Breakfast with Amy

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At long last for collectors and die-hard fans alike. From the dustbins of time (5 years!), gray dot records has re-released Breakfast with Amy's first real release, Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt. This album, which has nabbed high prices from collectors since it went out of print, is digitally remastered with additional outtakes and art from the earlier Narrowpath Records release.

This 1990 album broke onto the placid Christian music scene to create the first legitimate southern California art -punk band. Chris and Caryn (then Parker) Colbert teamed up with David Koval, Paul Pelligrin, Tennessee Beans and Bob Wholer to create a chaotic sound reflecting early Echo and the Bunneymen and other late-80s and early 90s alternative sounds.




RAThis Train

RAMr. Ed



RAFerris Wheel

RAAbandoned Houses

RASocial Studies

RAFerris Wheel (Demo)

RALove Song (Demo)

RAFuneral (Demo)


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