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Meet Annie.

Hailing from Cleveland, Tennessee, this modern rock quintet has quietly built their following opening for Luxury, Piltdown Man, and other local acts until they appeared on the scene at Cornerstone Festival 1997. A gold mine of emotion and beauty, Annie's spacious pop is the stuff "classic" releases are made of -- with remnants of Radiohead, Morrissey, Luxury, and Starflyer 59 in their sound, Annie is a quiet storm of worship and awe at the wonder of God. For the three years of her existence, Annie has performed for an array of audiences across the eastern U.S. Though never touring officially, the live shows have allowed her to quietly define herself artistically. Annie's independent debut recording was entitled Galaxy Girl, followed with Hush, Stay Gold, and And Sounds of the Young World. But it wasn't until the band began recording with Atlanta musician and producer Matt Goldman that they caught the ears of Bulletboy Music. Annie's newest music is sophisticated and sonically inventive with soaring, lush melodies accentuated by the touch of two vast guitars, keyboard interludes, and a rhythm ensemble of bass and drums shaping and driving each opus. Annie sees and accepts Jesus Christ as sole redeemer of all men. Consequently, lyrics are rooted in the realization of both the humanity and deity of Christ. She, also, out of necessity, explores human emotion and circumstance to show the divine irony of surrendering all to gain everything, as she continues making music as God guides.

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